January 2020 Agenda

Heighington Parish Council

Janet James Co-Clerk (Finance)

Emma Salter Co-Clerk (Operations)

Telephone (01522) 790846

Email: heighingtonpc@gmail.com                

Chairman: Cllr A Buckley-Jones


22nd January 2020

Dear Councillors and Residents

Notice is herein given that a meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Monday 27th January 2020, starting at 7.30pm in the Jubilee Hall, High Street, Heighington. Public Participation and questions and a report from the Police will be invited prior to the agenda business commencing at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend both sessions.


1. Chairman’s welcome.

2. To receive Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations.

3. To approve notes as minutes from the meeting of the Parish Council on 9th December 2019. To receive draft notes from the meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee on 13th January 2020.

4. Planning Matters

• Tree works received from NKDC.

There were no Tree Works applications received from NKDC.

• Tree works decision notices received from NKDC.

There were no Tree Works decisions notices received from NKDC.

• Planning applications received from NKDC.

16/1564/OUT For information only.

 Residential development of up to 450 dwellings, provision of Primary School land (1.8HA) and formation of roundabout on Canwick Avenue along with associated highways, drainage and open space infrastructure (outline with means of access) – Phase 1A Lincoln South East quadrant sustainable urban extension North of Canwick Avenue and East of London Road, Bracebridge Heath.

Objections have been raised by Canwick Parish Council and Heighington Parish Council.

• Planning decision notices received from NKDC.

19/1455/HOUS 45 Washingborough Road, Heighington LN4 1QW. Erection of two storey rear extension.  Notification received from North Kesteven District Council, the application has been refused.

5. Clerk’s Report (for information only).

Email received from PC Hanson regarding his retirement in December 2019.

Confirmation received from the internal auditor that the April 2020 audit will be the last one he completes. 

The Parish Council have received numerous completed flood questionnaires. The Parish Council will compile a report.

Heighington Parish Council have completed the North Kesteven District Council household survey and urge other Councillors to do so.

The Play Inspection Company have carried out the inspections in December and have filed a report.

To note email received from Mr Goddard regarding the internal audit for the Parish Council.

To report on the success of Flix in the Stix.

To note that the Jubilee Hall Memorial clock has been repaired at a cost of £20.00. The Council would like to thank Councillor Chantler for his help with this matter.

To note that a VAT claim of £949.99 was requested on the 22nd January 2020 from HM Revenue and Customs.

6. Correspondence (Read file for Members’ perusal). 

• Litter picker’s reports for December.

• Environmental Warden’s reports for December.

• Police Crime reports for October and November.

7. Financial Matters.

• To approve the monthly accounts for December 2019.

8. To discuss the boundaries outlined by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

9. To commence a response to the North Kesteven District Council declaration of Climate Emergency.

10. To receive updates on the Eastern Bypass.

11. To note that Heighington Parish Council are hosting a training event on Friday the 27th March 2020, 9.30am – 12.30pm, regarding the updates to Lincolnshire County Council website and the upgrade of town and parish council websites.

12. The Parish Council have now received confirmation from North Kesteven District Council that we can advertise the two vacancies.

13. To approve the recommendations of the Policy and Resources Committee regarding insurance for the Parish Council’s properties.

14. To consider quotations received from Forum Computers Ltd to 

15. Upon confirmation of funding arrangements by North Kesteven District Council and giving due regard to the deliberations of the Policy and Resources Committee set out in minute 63/R/19, to set a precept for the financial year 2020/2021.

16. To receive reports from County and District Councillors (for information only).

17. To resolve to move into closed session.

18. Staff matters.

Yours faithfully

J James

Co-Clerk (Finance)