Heighington Parish Council is one of many Parish/Town Councils in England that was established in 1894 by an Act of Parliament. This created the civil parish, separating it from the Church after a long history of delivering local services such as care for the poor, maintenance of roads and collecting taxes.

So what has changed?  Parish Councils have the legal power to take action, but they have fewer duties to principle authorities, and greater freedom to choose what action to take.  The Parish Council plays a vital role in representing the interests of the community which it serves and seeks to improve the quality of life and the local environment.  In addition to the usual activities of a parish council, Heighington PC is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Jubilee Hall, the Recreation Ground and Pavilion on Station Road and the Sports Field and Pavilion on Potterhanworth Road, plus the two Children’s Play Areas one at Almond Avenue and the other on the Recreation Ground.

There are seven members on the Council and monthly meetings take place on the second Monday in each month with exception to August when the Council goes in to recess.  We have four sub-committees Policy & Resources, Property Services,Recreation Advisory Forum and Employment Committee. The Employment Committee meets as and when necessary; the remaining Committees meet throughout the year.  All meetings are open to the public and participation is encouraged prior to the start of the Agenda business.  Our Civic Calendar can be found on this website and notification of any Council meeting (and a copy of the Agenda and Minutes) can be found on our main notice board at the Spar on the High Street.

Our services are delivered via the Parish Council Office which is situated at the rear of the Jubilee Hall on High Street.  The Office is run by Emma Salter (Clerk) , Nikki Briscoe (Responsible Finance Officer) and General Administrator Barbara Inman. The Office is normally open to the public each week Monday - Thursday 10 am to 2 pm, however, is strictly by appointment only at present. We can be contacted via email on heighingtonpc@gmail.com or via telephone on 01522 790846.