February 2020 Minutes

A meeting of the Recreation Advisory Forum was held on Monday 10th February 2020, in Jubilee Hall, Heighington, and started at 19.30hrs.


Councillor D Chantler - Forum Chairman

Councillor J Rushby

Councillor N Briscoe

Co-Clerk (Operations) - E Salter



Mr L Creasey – Heighington Bowls Club

Mr P Howden – Heighington Bowls Club

Mrs D Shenton – Heighington Wives

Mrs P Edwards – Heighington & District Gardening Club

Mrs A Boucher – Heighington Christmas Festival Committee

Mrs A Binns – Reflections Glass Group

Mrs J Kennedy – Guiding Movement

Mrs J Dunning – The Garrett’s Charity

Mr K Salter – Picnic in the Park Volunteer

Mr A Oakes


The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present.

15/A/19 Apologies and Declarations of Interest.

Apologies for absence had been received from Councillor P Spencer, Councillor G Dziadkiewicz, Mr J Lines (HBW Football Club), Mrs J Wain (Thomas Garrett Heritage Rooms User Group), Mrs J Burtenshaw (Guiding Movement) and Mr D Hall (Tai-Chi). 

There were no declarations of interest or dispensations sought.

16/A/19 To approve the draft notes from the last meeting of the Recreation Advisory Forum on Monday 21st October 2019. 

The draft notes from the meeting of Monday 21st October 2019 were agreed and approved as minutes.

17/A/19 Officer’s Report & Parish Council update

a. VE Day 

The Early May Bank Holiday in 2020 has been moved from Monday 4th May to Friday 8th May to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE day.

b. Washingborough Road Closure

Washingborough Road will close on the 17th February for a period of up to 5 months. The official diversion route will be through Branston and there will be a separate route for HGVs via Potterhanworth to the B1188. It has been confirmed that a trial of temporary traffic lights will be placed at the junction of Heighington Road and Canwick Hill. A revised bus route is in place. Copies are available from the office.

c. Pop up Take away at Jubilee Hall

Curry Jacks will be parked outside the Jubilee Hall on Friday 6th & Friday 20th March from 5.00 pm – 8.00pm. 

d. Half Term at Jubilee Hall

Seastar Jewellery will be hosting a Valentine themed workshop on Monday 17th February and on Friday 21st Back Garden Bakery will join us for a Under the Sea cupcake session, both the sessions run from 10.00 – 12.00 in the Jubilee Hall. 

18/A/19 To discuss feedback from the Christmas meal for older residents of the village on Friday 6th December 2019.

The Parish Council thanked Millfield Primary Academy Choir for their fantastic performance, Heighington Spar for providing the refreshments and Good Lookin Cookin for another delicious Christmas meal. Members agreed to recommend to the Parish Council that the event should run again in 2020 at a date to be announced.

19/A19 To discuss feedback from the musical screening of Grease on 11th January 2020.

Jubilee Hall was one of 5 rural community buildings chosen by Blueprint Film Foundation to host the musical screening of Grease. The Parish Council sold 73 tickets and each guest received a choc ice. Feedback has been positive, and members suggested that the Parish Council should trial the event once more later in the year. The Parish Council thanked Flix in the Stix for making the event possible. 

20/A/19 To discuss feedback from the National Village Halls Open Day on 25th January 2020.

 The aim of this national event was for members of the public to see what goes on within their community buildings. All the user groups of Jubilee Hall had been invited to take part to promote their group/clubs, however due to lack of support and participation the office staff had to change the theme. Jubilee Hall opened its doors to more than 120 people to promote a great venue for children’s parties. The Clerk thanked Mister Paul for a fantastic magic show, Bounce Wright Castles for providing a bouncy castle and soft play area and volunteers that helped on the day. It was noted that the groups and clubs would need to contribute more to enable future events to take place. Members of the Forum were informed that The Thomas Garrett Heritage Rooms also held a coffee morning which was well attended. 

21/A/19 To note arrangements for the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 27th April 2020. 

The Annual Parish meeting will be held at Jubilee Hall on Monday 27th April 2020, starting at 7.00 pm. This year the guest speaker will be Mr Paul Robinson, a retired air vice-marshal and trustee of the International Bomber Command Centre. He will be presenting his lecture ‘Lancaster’s, Lincolnshire and the International Bomber Command Centre’. Mr Robinson has kindly agreed to include a section about Waddington, Metheringham and the IBCC’s Future.

22/A/19 To discuss arrangements for and participation in “Picnic in the Park” on Saturday 4th July 2020.

Picnic in the Park will take place on Potterhanworth Road Sports Field from 12 noon until 4.00pm

Planning is in the early stages, the Co-Clerk has already secured a marquee, funfair and miniature railway which will provide rides to adults & children at a cost of £1.00 per go. Entertainment this year will be provided by the Royal Vulcan Cheerleaders and Milly Bennett. It is hoped that Millfield Primary Academy Choir and Jodie State will perform. Applications for stalls is now open and more than 15 have already been booked. The Chairman has put in a request for a flypast from the Red Arrows. Members of the forum were asked to participate, and it is hoped that the Guiding Movement, Reflections Glass and the Felt Group will hold a stall.  Heighington Bowls Club confirmed that they will participate. The Co-Clerk asked for volunteers to help on the day, Mrs Dunning and Mrs Boucher offered their help.  

23/A/19 To consider hosting a Scarecrow Festival during the Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days 2020, in conjunction with the Garrett’s Charity 400th anniversary celebrations in September.

Garrett’s Charity is celebrating 400 years since it was established. To coincide with Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days there will be an exhibition in the Heritage Rooms on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September. The theme is ‘The Past and Pastimes – The Heritage of Lincolnshire’s Leisure.’  There will be displays showing hobbies and games from the past and also demonstrations of current crafts.  Whilst the Heritage Rooms will be the focus, the aim is to cast the net a little wider and so a village walking trail has been suggested. The plan is to use Brenda Webster’s village walk and place scarecrows of historical figures or events along the route. It is hoped that the local school will be involved, and forum members were asked to contribute. This event is open to all residents of the village. The Co-Clerk informed members that resident involvement could be high due to enthusiastic response to a post put on social media. 

24/A/19 To discuss North Kesteven District Council’s declaration of Climate Emergency.

The Chairman informed forum members about North Kesteven District Council's ambitious, bold and challenging plan to meet the United Nations sustainable development goals.   Heighington Parish Council has agreed that a task force should be set up to look at changes we can make within our own village to respond to climate change. Members of the forum were informed of an open meeting on Thursday 5th March at 7.00 in the Thomas Garrett Rooms, it is hoped that the meeting will be well attended by residents, groups and clubs.

25/A/19 To receive information about the possibility of setting up a “Keep Heighington Tidy” group.

The Chairman introduced Mr Andy Oakes to speak to members regarding setting up a “Keep Heighington Tidy” group. Mr Oakes informed members that since the beginning of December 2019, he had collected 18 black bags of litter mainly from Potterhanworth Road Sports Field. It was noted that the Spar is due to hold a litter picking event during March and it was suggested that Mr Oakes contact the Manager to hopefully work together on the project. It was suggested that Jubilee Hall could be used as a meeting point and the Co-Clerk agreed to contact NKDC to borrow the litter picking kits and also promote the event via social media and village notice boards. Members of the forum suggested using the Sheepwash Times notice board to promote the litter pick.

26/A/19 Reports from village organisations and clubs.

Garrett’s Charity

Garrett’s Charity Christmas Raffle raised £1277.00 which was fantastic: thank you to everyone who donated prizes and bought tickets. Garrett’s Charity hope to hold a stall at Picnic in the Park, subject to a discussion at the next Trustees meeting.

400th Celebration will see a week of events planned to coincide with Heritage Open Days in September running from 11th to 20th September 2020. 

In the Heritage Rooms there will be the exhibition on 12th/13th September.  Like the exhibition staged last year, Mrs Dunning would like to request people’s recollections of games, outings, hobbies etc. for inclusion in the exhibition.  These can be sent to garrettscharity@gmail.com or call Nigel Williams on 01522 790420.

Flower Festival in St Thomas’ during the week.

Saturday 19th September 19:00 Lincoln Male Voice Choir in St Thomas’

Sunday 20th September 19:00 Thanksgiving Service in St Thomas’

Mrs Dunning informed members of the new Facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/GarrettsCharity/  and asked that they help spread the word by liking and following on social media.

Heighington Bowls Club

Work to prepare the green for the coming season has already commenced with having it’s first cut and treatment to control the worms. A treatment with fertiliser will be the next task for the Groundsmen. Weeds and moss between the paving slabs on the patio have been cleared ready to power wash over the next few weeks. The fixtures are now out for the coming season and the club will have a minimum of 58 matches to play in the 18-week season, with the first match taking place on 28th April. The Club will also host 11 club competitions. Membership reached 38 last season and we hope to recruit more this year by holding open days and taster sessions. 

Heighington Bowls Club has just completed its 85th year: - the first inaugural meeting took place in January 1935. The club was originally known as Heighington & Washingborough British Legion Bowls Club. Membership was only for men that were members of the British Legion. Ladies were first admitted to the club in 1971, but they had to be members of the women’s section of the British Legion. The club now have a complete history of its 85 years in existence. 

Heighington Wives

The Group enjoyed a talk from Nigel Sardeson on woodcarving at the February meeting and are looking forward to the next few meetings when they will receive talks on upcycling clothing, stained glass and stone masonry. The group meets at Jubilee Hall on the first Tuesday of each month and would welcome new members.  

Heighington & District Gardening Club

Membership has declined with the group having around 20 regular members. The Quiz night was well attended and was a sociable evening. The club are looking forward to their February meeting, where they will receive a talk on grass care. The Produce show will take place on Saturday 11th July and this year there will be a children’s section. 

Heighington Christmas Market

Heighington Christmas will be at the slightly earlier date of Sunday 29th November so that it does not coincide with Lincoln Christmas Market on 6th December. Applications for this year’s market open on 1st March. The traffic management and park & ride scheme worked well last year. Forum members were told that next years market hangs on a string due to lack of support and volunteers. The event is a non-profit making event and is getting harder & harder to run.

Reflections Glass Group & Felt Club

The Felt Club is doing well and is well attended. 

The Reflections Glass Group is thriving and now has a waiting list. The group trialled using both rooms in the Heritage Rooms so that they can welcome new members. The Glass Group has now finished the panels for the telephone box on the High Street and it is hoped that they will be installed in March. All members of the group have participated in this venture. 

Guiding Movement

All groups are doing well, Heighington 1st Brownies have some spaces available on a Thursday evening. The current leader of the Guiding Group is giving up in July and the group are on the lookout for a new leader to take her place. The group held a cake stall and raised £65.00 for group funds – well done. 

Games Group

Games Group meet in the Jubilee Hall on Thursday afternoons from 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm. The group enjoyed a belated Christmas lunch on 6th February at the Butcher & Beast. 

The group have around 9 regular members and would welcome further participation.  

The meeting closed at approximately 20:30. Attendees were reminded that the next meeting of this forum is set for Monday date to be announced June 2020, starting at 19:30 to be held in the Jubilee Hall.



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