Sheepwash Times July 2021

Scarecrow Festival
Heighington Parish Council, in conjunction with Washingborough Parish Council, will be holding a joint Scarecrow Festival between 23rd to 30th August 2021. All residents will have the opportunity to sign up, design and display a scarecrow in their garden and have their scarecrow appear on our trail (we will have maps to show the location of all entries). If you would like to take part, please contact either Heighington Parish Council on or Washingborough Council on to provide your details. Let your imagination run wild!

Children’s Summer Holiday Activities
Please look out on our social media, noticeboards and website for upcoming summer holiday activities.

Drainage and Ditch Information
Due to the issues regarding flooding in the village over the years we are keen to learn of any areas of drainage or ditches that the village used to have but no longer exist. If you can remember any areas in the village or immediate vicinity that was used for this purpose, we would like to hear from you! Please email us at with any information you may have regarding this.

Old Documents and Maps
Do you have any old documents or maps relating to our village? Would you like to help preserve the history of our village? If so, Heighington Parish Council would welcome any donations of these items or alternatively appreciate the opportunity to copy them to retain with our archives.

Station Road Recreation Ground Redevelopment
Don’t forget, if you would like to share your ideas regarding the Station Road Redevelopment, please contact the Parish Office at We will be keeping our residents updated at along the way and asking for your input as our plans develop. So, keep a look out on our noticeboards, social media and website for new information.

Hedges, Shrubs and Trees
The Parish Council is keen to promote pedestrian safety and would like to ask all residents to check that their hedges, shrubs and trees are not over growing the footpaths and causing obstructions for pedestrians. However, please be mindful not to disturb any nesting birds.

Covid 19
The Covid vaccination programme is now well underway with scores of residents receiving their first dose.
And while it’s encouraging that residents are starting to get vaccinated, the NHS are reminding people that they still need to continue to follow the national rules on Hands, Face, Space, and not to get complacent. So please remember: Hands, Face, Space even after you receive your Covid vaccination. We would also like to remind residents to dispose of their face masks in the appropriate manner. To keep up to date with the Government Roadmap regarding the easing of restrictions please visit


Dog Fouling and littering

There has been a noted increase in dog fouling and littering in the village. It is your responsibility to put your rubbish in one of the many bins provided around the village or alternatively, take it home. Can we please remind dog owners to be responsible and pick up after their dogs. All our bins take all types of waste. Dog fouling is not only deeply unpleasant, but also dangerous. You would not want it in your own front garden, please do not leave it in our village and green spaces. 

Free Play Tennis
Heighington Parish Council are offering residents Free Play Tennis at the Station Road courts. For more information, please contact the Parish Office on 01522 790846 or email us at
(Terms and conditions apply).

Clothing Bank
Many thanks to all the residents who have used our new clothes bank, it has just been emptied and is ready to be used again! Your support will help to fund local charities and Parish projects.

Pop up Takeaway at Jubilee Hall
During the month of July 2021, Curry Jacks and So Kneady will be parked outside Jubilee Hall providing freshly made curries and pizzas. 
So Kneady will be there on Saturday 3rd, 17th & 31st July. 
Curry Jacks will be there on Friday 9th & 23rd July. You can contact Curry Jacks via social media or via email at to order. Feel free to have a night off from cooking and check them out!

Ground Water Level Data
The very dry April was followed by a very wet May, the wettest locally since 2014.  The total monthly rainfall was around 91mm against an average of 48.1mm (1981 – 2010), so that is about 190% of average.  On average in May we get 9 wet days (with rainfall at or above 1mm).  This year we had 17 wet days, 11 of them in the last 16 days of the month.  We also had two particularly wet days earlier in the month with rainfall of 12.2mm on 4th and 14.8mm on 9th.  The groundwater level, started the month at 6.34m, declined to 6.15m on 13th May and then rose steadily to close at 7.03m on 31st May.  We thank the Environment Agency for providing the ground water level information.
If you would like to attend any of our meetings our Civic Meetings Calendar can be found on our website, all meetings are held in Jubilee Hall, Heighington. 

Parish Council Office
The office is currently available on a strictly by appointment only basis. To book an appointment please call 01522 790846. Alternatively send us an email at 
You can also visit our website:
 We are also on Facebook as Heighington Parish Council – Lincolnshire and on Nextdoor.