October 2018 Minutes

A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday 8th October 2018, in Jubilee Hall, High Street, Heighington and commenced at 19:30.
The Community Policing Team Report:
For the period 8th September to 8th October 2018 there has been one reported crime:
27/09/18 two males arrived to buy a car from a resident in Merrycock Lane.  The owner was distracted by one of the males while the other poured used engine oil into the coolant system.  The vehicle performed badly on the test drive during which the two males offered the owner a third of the true value of the vehicle.
Public Participation:
There was 1 member of the public present who requested an update on a number of issues around the village, including: The state of the footpath on Almond Avenue, Pot holes on Station Road near Sheepwash Lane junction 

Present:    Councillor C J Dunning (Chairman)
        Councillor A Buckley-Jones
        Councillor D Chantler (Vice-Chairman)
        Councillor J R Dziadkiewicz
        Councillor V Sargent
        Councillor S Sockell
        Councillor P Spencer
        Councillor C Watson
        Councillor B Webster

Clerk:         W Skelton

Council and District Councillor:  Councillor Oxby
District Councillor:Councillor I Carrington

 113/M/18 Chairman’s opening remarks and welcome
The Chairman welcomed those present.
 114/M/18 Apologies, Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations.
Apologies were received from Councillor N Briscoe and District Councillor E Herring
Declarations of Interest:
There were no Declarations of Interest.
Requests for Dispensations: 
No requests for dispensations had been made.
115/M/18 To approve the Clerk’s notes as minutes from the meeting of the Parish Council on 10th September 2018.  To receive for information the notes from the Policy and Resources Committee meeting on 1st October 2018.
The notes having been distributed in advance were taken as read and approved as minutes.
The notes from the Policy and Resources Committee were received for information.
Planning Matters:
116/M/18 18/1244/HOUS 34 Washingborough Road Heighington.  Demolition of existing garage and erection of two storey side and rear extension with new single store attached garage.
Councillors considered this application and had no comments to make.
117/M/18 18/1218/HOUS Poplar Bank Farm, Bardney Road, Heighington.  Demolition of existing outbuilding and erection of single storey side extension.
Councillors considered this application and had no comments to make.
118/M/18 Clerk’s Report (for information only).
•    The Christmas tree has been ordered.  The Landlord of the Turks Head public house is happy for the tree to stand on his front again this year
•    The minutes for 2012-2017 have been bound into books and have been returned to the Parish Office.
•    Christmas meal for elderly/older residents has been organised for 14th December 2018 with meals provided by Good Looking Cooking.
•    The new seats for the bus shelter have been installed.
•    The authority to allow the Clerk and RFO to discuss the day to day management of the Co-operative Bank account is ongoing.
•    The planning training has been arranged for 23rd October 2018 at 18:30-21:30.  Councillors are reminded that they must attend at least one training session per year (May to April).  
•    A VAT claim has been made on line for £340.53 on 3/10/18.  This is the first claim on the new on-line system.
•    Networking Day organised by Lalc. Attended by Clerk RFO and Customer Service Manager.  The workshops were very informative the morning sessions were for separated into Clerks and Councillors with different subjects being delivered. How to find funding and writing an application form, how to successfully deal with grievances the language used and the step by step process starting with non-formal options and progressing to formal options for the Clerks.  After lunch the both groups joined together to have a talk from the Alzheimer’s Society explaining how to become a Dementia Friend and how to become a dementia friendly community.   This pointed out that it’s the little things that can make all the difference.  Followed by a group participation session: Does your Council truly represent the community which it serves?  Overall this was a very worthwhile and instructive day, cementing  contacts around the county and learning some different methods of doing things.
119/M/18 Correspondence (Read file for Members’ perusal). 
•    Dog warden’s report 
•    Litter picker’s report 
•    Police crime statistics 
•    Lalc Annual General Meeting and Conference
•    Royal British Legion – Thank you for donation.
•    North Kesteven District Council – Change of house name from Greengates to Cantello
Financial Matters:
120/M/18 To approve the monthly accounts for September 2018.
The monthly statement from Unity Trust Bank for September was signed by Councillor Watson.  The September statements from Co-Operative Bank and PWLB had not arrived in time for the meeting. 
Councillors approved the monthly accounts for September 2018.
121/M/18 To approve quotation for work at the Bowling Green.
Councillors approved the quotation for work at the Bowling Green.

122/M/18 To discuss training evening on Planning Matters.
The date for the Planning training session had been set for 23rd October 2018 at 18:30.  Representatives from Branston & Mere Parish Council and Canwick Parish Council will be joining the Council for the evening session.
123/M/18 To receive the Event Management Plan and Risk Assessments for the Christmas Market.
Councillor Watson had reviewed the above documents and suggested minor amendments.  The Council received the Event Management Plan and Risk Assessments for the Christmas Market.
124/M/18 To approve expenditure on 11th edition of the Charles Arnold Baker publication.
Councillors resolved to purchase the latest edition of the Charles Arnold Baker publication at a cost of £110.00 including postage and packing.
125/M/18 To discuss setting up an Emergency Plan and how to encourage volunteers to get involved.
The Emergency Plan works by allowing the village to help itself if the emergency services are unable to attend for some time.   Councillors must stand up and push this project forward for it to work, volunteers will be needed but the Council should be the mainstay of the operation.
A training course is being held in Mablethorpe on 29th November which as many Councillors as possible should try to attend.
An open meeting is arranged for the 30th November, it is hoped this meeting will lead to recruiting of volunteers.
To approve the following policies as recommended by the Policy and Resources Committee (all policies had been distributed before the meeting for members to read):
126/M/18 Lone Worker & Working from Home Policy
It was resolved to adopt this policy.
127/M/18 Disciplinary Policy
It was resolved to adopt this policy.
128/M/18 Social Media Policy
It was resolved to adopt this policy.
129/M/18 Complaints Procedure & Handling Method
It was resolved to adopt this policy.
130/M/18 Whistle Blowing Policy
It was resolved to adopt this policy.
131/M/18 Equal Opportunities Policy
It was resolved to adopt this policy.
132/M/18 Communications Policy
It was resolved to adopt this policy.
133/M/18 Filming of Meetings Policy and Public Participation Policy
It was resolved to adopt this policy.
134/M/18 Grievance Resolution Policy
It was resolved to adopt this policy.
135/M/18 To discuss how to reduce the costs of producing information packs for each meeting of the Council.
During this meeting two methods of disseminating information were used:
A paper pack of information distributed to all Councillors and electronic projection of information to the large screen in the hall.
The paper pack takes a lot of paper, a considerable amount of time to compile and is often passed back for shredding immediately after the meeting.
The electronic method needed a bit more practice to be really effective.
Councillors discussed the way forward to meet its green ethos and still have the information it required.
Councillors resolved to trial different electronic methods of receiving the information, to find the most effective method.
136/M/18 To discuss representation at the Remembrance Day service.
The chairman is unavailable for wreath laying duties at the Remembrance day services.  Councillors Chantler and Watson volunteered to attend the services.
137/M/18 District and County Councillors reports.
County Councillor:
•    The Council is to recommend extending its contract with Serco which expires in 2020 for a further two years. The contract has been slimmed down, reducing the problematic pay roll part of the contract, with some parts being brought back in house.
•    Wragby Road has seen the completion of its roadworks, relieving some of the congestion at this junction with Woolsey Way and Outer Circle Road.
•    Dixon Street roadworks are on track for completion in mid-October.
•    The summer resurfacing program is now complete.
•    North Hykeham relief road proposals were discussed by the executive on 2nd October and the result is that it will go ahead, but not possibly for up to ten years. Dual carriageway has been backed by 75% of people who took part in the survey. The estimated cost would be in the region of £148.5m and between £110m and £117m if built as a single carriageway.
•    Residents are being urged to get their chimneys checked for winter. Although not as many residents now have open fires, there was an increase in chimney fires over the past winter period as reported by Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue. 
•    The council has announced that a complete overhaul of its IT system is to take place shortly, making for a better experience for its users.
Members asked Councillor Oxby to chase various Highways matters with the relevant officer as despite faults being reported, often several times, many are still outstanding.
District Councillor:
•    Housing – The government has abolished the housing cap on social housing making it easier to fund the building of social housing.  NKDC is the leading social housing council in the east midlands.
•    Animals – The licensing department are seeking to control the domestic pet trade through licensing to root out the less scrupulous breeders and sellers.
•    Democracy – Youngsters between 14/15 years old held mock elections recently, based on the theme 100 years of women’s votes.  They were very enthusiastic and the future of democracy is safe in their hands.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20:50.