February 2019 Minutes

A meeting of the Property Services Committee was held on 18th February 2019 at Jubilee Hall, High Street, Heighington and commenced at 19:30hrs.

Present: Councillor Briscoe – Chairman

Councillor Cann

Councillor Dunning

Councillor Dziadkiewicz

Councillor Sockell

Councillor Watson


Facilities Manager: W Skelton

There was 1 member of the public present.

The member of public required an update on the following:

• Almond Avenue Telephone Box - it was decided at the Parish Council meeting of 12th November 2018 minute no 151/M/18, that Almond Avenue box would be held in abeyance so that the High Street Box is adopted first, to avoid confusion.

• Update on the S106 monies due from the Garretts Rise development - the Clerk is to contact NKDC shortly to ascertain the situation.

• Chapel Lane Gateway to Bowling Green - this is part of next years budget preparations but may not be completed until 2020/21.

31/F/18 Chairman’s opening remarks and welcome.

The Chairman welcomed those present especially Councillor Cann as this was his first meeting since becoming a Councillor.

32/F/18 Apologies, Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations.

Apologies: There were no apologies for Absence

Declarations of Interest: There were no Declarations of Interest.

Requests for Dispensations: There were no Requests for Dispensations.

33/F/18 To approve Facilities Manager’s notes from the meeting of the Property Services Committee on 29th October 2018 as minutes.

The notes having been circulated before the meeting were taken as read and approved as minutes.

Planning matters:

34/F/18 Tree Works received from NKDC

There were no Tree Work notices received from NKDC

Tree Works decision notices received from NKDC

35/F/18 19/0034/TCA 23 St Aubins Crescent Heighington. 3 x Leylandii – reduce in height by 40ft (177/M/18) – Approved.

36/F/18 19/0058/TPO 5 The Old Stack Yard Heighington.  T1 Willow -reduce crown to previous pruning points (178/M/18) – Approved.

Planning application received from NKDC

37/F/18 19/0061/HOUS 17 Back Lane, Heighington.  Erection of two storey side extension.

Heighington Parish Council Property Services Committee had no comments to make.

38/F/18 18/1343/FUL Butcher and Beast Inn, High Street Heighington.  Demolition of village hall to form extension to existing car park.

Heighington Parish Council Property Services Committee had no comments to make.

39/F/18 19/0171/HOUS 19 Sheppards Close, Heighington.  Demolition of existing garage play room and conservatory and erection of two storey side extension.

Heighington Parish Council Property Services Committee had no comments to make.

40/F/18 Planning Application decision notices received from NKDC.

There were no decision notices.

41/F/18 Facilities Manager’s report (for information only).

• The retaining wall at the Bowling Green /Tennis Courts has been repaired all existing materials were used and it came in under budget.

• The hedge on Station Road has been repaired after damage from a road accident.  The driver of the van was uninsured so compensation would be difficult to obtain.  However, the groundsman has kept the repair cost to a minimum with donated plants.

• The Handyman has been given the jobs list (before Christmas), he has yet to complete the jobs.

• Water Regulations Inspection took place on 6th February and all buildings passed.  Station Road has been put as high risk due to the rain water harvesting system, the other buildings are classed as low risk.

42/F/18 To receive Property Services budget update for final quarter of 2018/19.

The budget for the final quarter of 2018/19 was received.  

43/F/18 To consider quotations for Legionella Testing of Parish Council properties.

After considering the quotations for the testing it was resolved to accept the quote for £673.00 excluding VAT to complete Legionella Testing at Parish Council properties.

44/F/18 To consider quotations for a replacement boiler at Station Road pavilion and consider other options to provide heating and hot water at the pavilion.

The quotations for a new boiler were considered and it was resolved to accept the quote for £3290 excluding VAT.

The Facilities Manager has investigated other options for heating and hot water at the pavilion.

It seems the way the pavilion is used, makes a new boiler the most cost-effective way forward.  To be greener it was suggested that an array of PV solar panels be installed to the roof, depending on a structural survey and Planning permission, to produce electricity to be fed into the grid and this would offset the usage of electricity at the pavilion.  An option of instant heaters to provide hot water for the showers was disregarded as they required a three-phase electricity supply and we only have one phase to the building.  Air source heat pumps were disregarded due to the limited usage of the pavilion.

45/F/18 To approve expenditure for the annual tests of equipment at Parish Council properties.

It was resolved to approve the expenditure for the annual tests of electrical equipment in 2019/20.  The Facilities Manager was asked to confirm that the boiler servicing at Station Road pavilion would not be needed in 2019/20 once the new boiler has been installed.

46/F/18 To receive the annual inspection reports for Parish Council play equipment and approve expenditure for repairs.

The reports were received, it was noted that none of the repairs to the equipment were of an urgent nature.  Some of the equipment will be replaced when the S106 monies from the Garrett Rise development in the village are paid.

Quotations for repairs had not been received in time for the meeting, this matter was referred to the next meeting.

47/F/18 To consider quotations for replacement artificial grass at the MUGA on Potterhanworth Road sports field.

After comparing the quotations, it was decided that further information regarding the artificial grass was required, and this matter was referred to the next meeting.

48/F/18 To discuss the provision of a Handyman to complete small jobs.

It was resolved to arrange a meeting with our current Handyman to ascertain his availability to complete the current jobs.  If he is unavailable the Parish Council will then contact Bardney Group Parish Council to hire their Handyman at a cost of £11.65 per hour plus mileage.

49/F/18 To consider the offer from the Woodworking Group of ‘Something in Wood’ for the village.

Numerous suggestions were made and finally it was resolved to ascertain what exactly the group were thinking of for the village either practical or ornamental.

50/F/18 Date of Next meeting.

The next meeting date is set as 27th May 2019 which is a Bank Holiday, members agreed to change the date to 29th April 2019.

There being no further business the meeting ended at 20:35.


Signed: Dated:


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