February 2019 Minutes

A meeting of the Recreation Advisory Forum was held on Monday 11th February 2019, in Jubilee Hall, Heighington, and started at 19.30hrs.

Councillor D Chantler – Forum Chairman
Councillor C Watson
Councillor B Webster
Councillor V Sargent
Customer Service Manager – E Salter

Mr L Creasey – Heighington Bowls Club
Mr P Howden – Heighington Bowls Club
Mrs A Buckley-Jones – Games Group & Heighington WI
Mrs J Kennedy – Guiding Movement
Mrs D Shenton – Heighington Wives
Mrs A Boucher – Heighington Christmas Festival Committee
Mr K Salter – Picnic in the Park Volunteer

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present.

14/A/18 Apologies and Declarations of Interest

Apologies for absence had been received from Councillor P Spencer, Mr E Chambers (Heighington Tennis Club), Mrs M Whittaker (Thomas Garrett Heritage Rooms) and Mr J Lines (HBW Football Club).

There were no declarations of interest or dispensations sought.

15/A/18 To approve the draft notes from the last meeting of the Recreation Advisory Forum on Monday 22nd October 2018

The draft notes from the meeting of Monday 22nd October 2018 were agreed and approved as minutes.

16/A/18 Officer’s Report & Parish Council update

a. Hire charges for Parish Council facilities 2019/2020
The Parish Council has resolved that hire charges will increase in line with inflation, meaning a 50 pence per hour increase to the charges for hiring the Jubilee Hall. The deposit amounts will remain unchanged. (minute 192/M/18 refers).

b. Local Council Elections
District Councillors have approved at Full Council for the authority to be one of eleven councils working with the Government to pilot Voter ID trials at the local elections on 2nd May 2019. The aim is to make voting more secure against potential fraud.
Electors using a polling station will need to present either one form of photographic ID (such as a passport or photo driver’s licence) or two types of non-photographic ID (such as a utility bill and poll card). This does not apply to postal voters whose identity is verified in other ways.

c. Artisan’s Market

On Saturday 16th February 2019 the Thomas Garrett Heritage Rooms will host Heighington’s first Artisan Market. The event will run from 10 am – 3 pm and everyone is welcome to attend. There will be lots of craft and food stalls to browse. If anyone is interested in holding a stall, please contact Joan Dalton on 01522 790357.

d. Apple Close
The Parish Council has received complaints from residents about users of the Jubilee Hall parking across Apple Close. Users of the Jubilee Hall are asked to use the car park at the rear of the building and not park across the entrance of Apple Close.

17/A/18 To discuss feedback from the Christmas meal for older residents of the village on Friday 14th December 2018.

The Parish Council thanked Millfield Primary Academy Choir for their outstanding performance at the Christmas meal. The delicious meal was provided by Good Lookin Cookin - an outside catering company form Lincoln, which we would recommend using again. It was noted that the Parish Office had received letters, cards and emails of thanks from the residents. Members agreed that a similar event should take place this year.

18/A/18 To note arrangements for the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 4th March 2019.

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place in the Jubilee Hall, starting at 7pm. This year we welcome Rowena Devonport from the Alzheimer’s Society who will give a presentation on dementia, it is hoped that the talk will raise awareness of the issues within our community. Members were informed that an area will be set up for them to promote their groups and clubs, it was agreed that the Customer Service Manager would display relevant information from the groups that wished to take part. Mrs Buckley- Jones offered her help to serve refreshments on the evening.

19/A/18 To discuss arrangements for “Picnic in the Park 2019” on Saturday 15th June 2019.

Picnic in the Park will again take place on Potterhanworth Road Sports Field from 12 noon until 4 pm.

Planning is in early stages, but the Customer Service Manager has already secured the marquee, circus skills workshop, Mister Paul the magician and The Royal Vulcan Cheerleaders. It is hoped that Shortcut, Branston Community Academy and Millfield Primary Academy will also perform. Also booked is a miniature railway which will provide rides to children and adults at the cost of £1.00 per go. Mrs Buckley-Jones confirmed that the WI would provide light refreshments in the pavilion. Due to feedback from last year’s event there will be a small van selling alcoholic refreshments as well as food vendors. The Customer Service Manager told forum members that she hoped to book Aldabra Giant Tortoises and Heighington Bowls Club confirmed their participation. There was some general discussion about disabled parking and the Customer Service Manager agreed to contact JNE Trading to seek permission to park on their land. It was agreed that the Emergency Services be contacted and invited to attend. It was suggested that more signage was needed, and the Chairman agreed to investigate the cost of purchasing two new “Village Event” signs. It was agreed that more volunteers are needed on the day.

20/A/18 To discuss Council funded summer holiday activities for children.

The Parish Council is keen to arrange summer holiday activities early this year. It was noted that the Customer Service Manager is to meet with Hurricane Sports Foundation early next month to discuss their participation. Forum members were asked for their ideas for non-sporting activities: ideas included nerf wars, magician and splash painting, Councillor Sargent said she would look into the costing for such an activity. Other ideas included felt soap making and Jewellery making, the Customer Service Manager agreed to follow up the ideas.

21/A/18 Reports from village organisations.

Games Group

The group has been a little low on numbers, which is typical for this time of year. It is hoped that numbers will pick up once the weather improves.

Heighington WI
Next month sees the AGM for the Heighington WI. The group is doing well, and Mrs Buckley-Jones told forum members that the group is a vital network for older ladies in the village. The group are collecting for the Lincoln food bank.

Heighington Wives

The Wives group had a rocky start to the year with only ten members at the January meeting, forum members were told that the group had a presentation by Nottingham & Lincolnshire Air Ambulance. Numbers were up slightly at the AGM in February. There was some general discussion about the group changing their name to encourage younger members.

Guiding Movement

All groups are doing well and looking forward to starting the new programme. 1st Heighington Guides are looking for a parent helper due to maternity leave. There has been some discussion between groups about Heighington and Branston merging. Mrs Kennedy was pleased to announce that she has a new helper for the Thursday group.

Heighington Bowls Club

The year started with the sad news of the passing of Mildred Howden on the 7th January. Mildred was one of the first ladies to join the club in 1972 and was the longest serving member by completing over 46 years continuous service last year. In that time, she held the position of Ladies Secretary from 1990 to 2004 before then being appointed President until she retired last September. She will be very much missed by all the members.

The Green has been treated for moss last month and the Groundsman has been putting on the first treatment of fertiliser, further treatments will take place prior to the opening of the green on 23rd April. The first league match is scheduled for Tuesday 30th April. The Club have a minimum of 61 league and cup matches to play in 18 weeks up to the 31st August. Arrangements are being made for Boston Bowls to visit the club on 1st May, members will be able to purchase new items on the day. The Club are looking to increase membership by arranging open days at the beginning of the season. The sessions will be free of charge for anyone wishing to try the game.

Heighington Christmas Market Committee

The Committee held it’s AGM in January and are pleased to announce that the festival will continue again this year. Last years market was a great success with a footfall of nearly 5,000 people. The committee are planning to host a park and ride scheme from Branston Community Academy to alleviate the parking problem. Mrs Boucher told forum members that she had investigated hiring matting for Station Road Recreation Ground, but it was far too expensive. There was some general discussion about dogs attending the market. Councillor Watson and Mrs Boucher are to meet to discuss the risk assessment later in the year.

Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days

Councillor Webster informed forum members about this years Lincolnshire Heritage Open days, which will take place from 13th – 22nd September. The theme this year is Education in its broadest sense and the working title will be ‘Lincolnshire Learning, Wisdom and Folklore’. Ideas for the event included written accounts of what it was like to go to school in the village, and a photograph display. Councillor Watson agreed to help put photographs on a power point presentation and Councillor Sargent offered her help. It was suggested that an article asking for people’s memories be placed in the Sheepwash Times and leaflets begiven out to local groups. Anyone wishing to volunteer should contact Councillor Webster.

Councillor Sargent informed forum members about plans to lease out the Usher Art Gallery for a wedding venue. There was some general discussion about the Art Gallery and about money being spent at the Collection Museum. Councillor Sargent asked the Customer Service Manager to circulate an email to Councillors that will contain a petition to keep the Usher as an art gallery.

The meeting closed at approximately 20:25. Attendees were reminded that the next meeting of this forum is set for Monday 24th June 2019, starting at 19:30 to be held in the Jubilee Hall.