January 2020 Minutes

A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday 27th January 2020, in the Jubilee Hall, High Street, Heighington and commenced at 19.30. 
Public Participation 
There were two members of the public present. One member of the public requested an update of the S106 funding from Lindum Construction. Councillor Carrington agreed to provide an update as soon as possible.

Present:     Councillor Buckley-Jones (Chairman)

Councillor Briscoe
Councillor Chantler
Councillor Rushby
Councillor Cann
Councillor Spencer
Councillor Dziadkiewicz
Councillor George

County Councillor Oxby (arrived later)
District Councillor Tinsley (arrived later)
District Councillor Carrington

Co-Clerk (Finance):         J. James
Co-Clerk (Operations)        E. Salter

155/M/19 Chairman’s welcome.
The Chairman welcomed those present and thanked them for coming.

156/M/19 To receive Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations.
Apologies for Absence: 
Apologies were received from Councillor Sockell and District Councillor Goodwin.

Declarations of Interest: There were no Declarations of Interest.

Requests for Dispensations: There were no Requests for Dispensations.

157/M/19 To approve notes as minutes from the meeting of the Parish Council on 9th December 2019. To receive for information the notes from the Policy & Resources Committee meeting on the 13th January 2020.
The notes for the Parish Council meeting on the 9th December 2019 were approved. The notes from the Policy & Resources meeting on the 13th January 2020 were received for information.

Planning Matters
Tree works received from NKDC.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
There were no Tree work applications received.
Tree works decision notices received from NKDC.  
There were no Tree Works decision notices received from NKDC.  

Planning applications received from NKDC.                                                                                
158/M/19 16/1564/OUT For information only. Residential development of up to 450 dwellings, provision of Primary School land (1.8HA) and formation of roundabout on Canwick Avenue along with associated highways, drainage and open space infrastructure (outline with means of access) – Phase 1A Lincoln South East quadrant sustainable urban extension North of Canwick Avenue and East of London Road, Bracebridge Heath. Objections have been raised by Canwick Parish Council and Heighington Parish Council.
Planning decision notices received from NKDC.                                                                                  

159/M/19 19/1455/HOUS 45 Washingborough Road, Heighington LN4 1QW. Erection of two storey rear extension.  Notification received from North Kesteven District Council, that the application has been refused
160/M/19 Clerk’s Report (for information only).                                                                                                                                            
•    Email received from PC Hanson regarding his retirement in December 2019.
•    Confirmation received from the internal auditor that the April 2020 audit will be the last one he completes. 
•    The Parish Council have received numerous completed flood questionnaires. The Parish Council will compile a report.
•    Heighington Parish Council have completed the North Kesteven District Council household survey and urge other Councillors to do so.
•    The Play Inspection Company have carried out the inspections in December and have filed a report.
•    To note email received from Mr Goddard regarding the internal audit for the Parish Council.
•    To report on the success of Flix in the Stix.
•    To note that the Jubilee Hall Memorial clock has been repaired at a cost of £20.00 The Council would like to Councillor Chantler for his help with this matter.
•    To note that a VAT claim of £949.99 was requested on the 22nd January 2020 from HM Revenue & Customs.

161/M/19 Correspondence (Read file for Members’ perusal). 
•    Litter picker’s reports for December.
•    Environmental Warden’s reports for December.
•    Police Crime Reports October - November.

Financial Matters:
162/M/19 To approve the monthly accounts for December 2019. The monthly statements were signed by Councillor Briscoe. It was resolved to approve the monthly accounts for December 2019.
163/M/19 To discuss the boundaries outlined by the Local Government Boundary Commission (LGBC) for England. After a brief discussion, members noted where the current boundaries are and agreed that the Chairman and Clerk will compile a short report and send this to the LGBC before the closing date of the consultation.
164/M/19 To commence a response to the North Kesteven District Council declaration of Climate Emergency. Councillors Chantler, George and Cann have agreed to action a task force to look at climate and green issues within the Parish. 
165/M/19 To receive updates on the Eastern Bypass. Councillors noted that LCC highways authority have investigated the issues of Washingborough Road closure. Highways have agreed to traffic lights at the junction of Heighington Road and Canwick Hill. These traffic lights will be monitored closely for traffic control. The Parish Council would like to thank District Councillor Tinsley for his input with the issues of the road closures.
166/M/19 To note that Heighington Parish Council are hosting a training event on Friday the 27th March 2020, 9.30am – 12.30pm, regarding the updates to Lincolnshire County Council website and the upgrade of town and parish council websites. Members noted that the event is open to up to 10 Councils to attend the training.
167/M/19 The Parish Council have now received confirmation from North Kesteven District Council that we can advertise the two vacancies. Members noted that the vacancies have been advertised in the February 2020 issue of the Sheepwash Times.
168/M/19 To approve the recommendations of the Policy and Resources Committee regarding insurance for the Parish Council’s properties. Members approved the recommendations of the Policy and Resources Committee to accept the proposal of insurance from Came & Co for the next three years.
169/M/19 To consider quotations received from Forum Computers Ltd. Members agreed to proceed with the implementation of Microsoft Business to alleviate the email issues within the Parish Council office.
170/M/19 Upon confirmation of funding arrangements by North Kesteven District Council and giving due regard to the deliberations of the Policy and Resources Committee set out in minute 63/R/19, to set a precept for the financial year 2020/2021. It was resolved to approve a precept of £89021.11 for the financial year 2020/2021, which is an increase of £2.5%, equivalent to an increase of £2.07 on a band D property.
171/M/19 To receive reports from County and District Councillors (for information only).            

County Councillor Ron Oxby.County Council report January 2020.                                                                                                 

Decembers council did see the appointment of Debbie Barnes as Chief Executive. Having appointed her as interim CEO last year, she was short listed from twenty other applicants and was selected from the three that was deemed to be suitable. Joining the council in 2006 she became the director of children’s services in 2012. Rated by Ofsted as outstanding, our children’s services remain one of the national highest rated authorities in the country and has guided Rotherham, Tower Hamlets and Northampton to improve their services.The adverse weather has given our council a few additional problems with internal flooding of properties taking priority. Over 120 flooding issues have instigated section 19 investigations.Roads have suffered as well. The road under water at Short Ferry for weeks will finally be reappearing and within the next few days will be assessed to see what damage has occurred during this time.The C113 Heighington to Canwick, due to open just before Christmas, had a delay, again weather holding up the surfacing of the road.The final round about on the Eastern by Pass construction will start during this month and a long road closure along the B1190 Wasingborough to Lincoln will take place. Alternative bus routes and diversions will be soon announced.The A46 Riseholme roundabout will see improvements, starting 20th January to improve traffic flows. The works will take an estimated seven months to complete.Lincolnshire fire and rescue will have an £8m investment to make our firefighters some of the best equipped and best protected in the country.  33 Scania fire appliances will be rolled out across the county with the crews having state-of-the-art 'Coldcut Cobra' units. These are high pressure extinguishers which enable fires to be tackled from outside buildings and other enclosed spaces, reducing the time to get fires under control and minimising water damage to the affected building.

District Councillor I Carrington.
Lincoln Eastern Bypass. Heighington road will open on 29th January, with Washingborough Road closing on Feb 17th for five months. LEB opening is delayed to the Autumn, not least because of weather impacts. District and County Councillors are all engaged with LCC to seek to minimize the inevitable traffic impacts of the latest phase of works - traffic lights now confirmed for Heighington Rd/B1188 junction.                                                           Electoral Review. Local government Boundary Commission are conducting a review of NKDC wards. Initial indications are that the 43 member structure will be maintained for NK, but wards are up for review. This is a Boundary commission operation and comments are welcome at their website www.lgbce.org.uk.Central Lincs Local Plan (CLLP) 5 Year Review. Currently under way - Cllr Carrington is one of the NK team and is participating in this important statutory review. Further consultation with parish councils and the public will take place later in the year.NKDC Housing Services - ‘Housemark’. NKDC participates in the ‘Housemark’ peer review system of its housing services. Latest report benchmarks NK against 90-plus other councils and housing providers, and NKDC placed in top slot in 18 of the 29 areas reviewed. Of particular note is the very high tenant satisfaction levels and the very high levels of investment made in our housing stock.NKDC Budget. Now being finalised and going through internal approvals process ahead of March full Council. NK will have a balanced budget for at least 3 years out, and wil maintain a capital programme of £200 million over the next decade.Washingborough Rd, Heighington/Church Hill (Washingborough parish). LCC are reconsulting and incorporating the proposed change suggested by District Cllrs to replace the 60mph section with a 40mph speed limit. An excellent result so far - important that all parties respond positively to the reconsultation.
172/M/19 To resolve to move into closed session. The chairman moved that the remainder of the business be held in ‘committee’ and that the public and press be excluded there from for reason that the business to be transacted or advice tendered is of a confidential nature, which could be prejudicial to the public interest to publicise. Members resolved to proceed on that basis, ‘in committee’.
Staff Matters:
173/M/19 Members agreed the revised schedule of payment to service Jubilee Hall bookings as recommended by the Policy and Resources Meeting held on Monday 13th January 2020.
174/M/19 Members agreed to increase the pay for the Jubilee Hall cleaner and the Environmental Operative in accordance with the National Living Wage of £8.72 plus a premium of £0.28 that the Parish Council has traditionally paid, the new pay rate will be £9.00 per hour.
175/M/19 Members agreed that the new pay scales for the office staff should be as follows:
General Assistant Level 2
Co-Clerks Level 9
These new scales will maintain the pay differential between these staff of Nation Living Wage and those in the SCP pay scales.

Staff annual appraisals.
176/M/19 Councillors Rushby and Buckley-Jones will carry out the six month review for Barbara Inman towards the end of April at a mutually convenient date and time.
Councillors Chantler and Briscoe will carry out the annual appraisal for Emma Salter by the end of March.
Councillors Rushby and Buckley-Jones will carry out the annual appraisal of Janet James by the end of March.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.52 hours.

Signed:                             Date: