January 2020 Minutes

A meeting of the Property Services Committee was held on Monday 24th February 2020 at Jubilee Hall, High Street, Heighington and commenced at 19:30 hours.


Present: Councillor Briscoe – Chairman

Councillor Buckley Jones

Councillor Sockell


Co-Clerk (Operations) E. Salter


Public Participation:

There were 4 members of the public present.

One member of the public asked the Chairman of the Property Services Committee if the picnic bench that is currently stored at Station Road pavilion, would be put to use on the recreation ground over the coming months. This will be discussed at a future Parish Council meeting.

The same member of the public also requested an update on the Section 106 monies. Councillor Buckley-Jones explained that an email had been sent to the Chief Executive at NKDC following the Parish Council meeting held on 27th January. The Parish Council are now waiting for a response from Andrew McDonough, (Economy & Place Director at NKDC) and expect a reply by the end of the month. This will then be discussed at the next full Council meeting. 

33/F/19 Chairman’s opening remarks and welcome.

The Chairman welcomed those present.

34/F/19 Apologies, Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations.

Apologies: Were received from Councillor Cann. It was resolved to approve the reason.

Declarations of Interest:  There were no Declarations of Interest.

Requests for Dispensations:  There were no Requests for Dispensations.

35/F/19 to approve the Co-Clerks notes from the meeting of the Property Services Committee meeting on Monday 28th October 2019.

The notes having been distributed beforehand were taken as read and approved as minutes of the meeting.

Planning Matters:

• Tree Works received from NKDC

20/0205/TPO 11 Lindrick Close, Heighington. T1/T4 Oak – fell; T2 Maple – fell; T3 Cherry – fell. The Council had no comments and it was resolved to refer back to the Tree Officer.

• Tree Works decision notices received from NKDC

  There were no Tree Works decision notices received.

• Planning Applications received from NKDC

20/0139/HOUS (re-submission of 19/1455/HOUS) 45 Washingborough Road, Heighington. Erection of a two-storey rear extension. The Council considered this application but had no comments to make.

• Planning Application decision notices received from NKDC.

19/1687/HOUS 23 St Aubins Crescent, Heighington. Conversion of garage to living accommodation and single storey front extension. Permission approved. 

19/1669/HOUS 85 Washingborough Road, Heighington. Erection of two Storey side extension and single storey rear extension. Permission approved.

19/1682/HOUS 43 Washingborough Road, Heighington. Erection of part two storey and part single storey rear extension with new porch and new outbuilding. Permission approved.

19/1729/FUL The Bowling Green, Chapel Lane, Heighington. Blocking up of gateway with the erection of a stone wall. Permission approved.

36/F/19 Co-Clerk (Operations) report (for information only).

• Following the clerks notes from the report dated 13th January 2020 at the Policy & Resources Committee meeting, the Chairman & Clerk of the Property Services Committee met with the local Handyman to discuss the refurbishment of the village sign and other small jobs. The handyman has now completed the works in the Jubilee Hall and will carry out the refurbishment of the village sign in the spring.

• After inspecting Station Road Recreation Ground, we are unable to place a fence around the play equipment due to the size of pitch run off needed by the football club.  Football pitches are required to have a minimum of 4 yards run off to accommodate any future changes in the national ground grading documents.

• The C3 observations following the Electrical Installations Condition Report carried out in September 2019, have been completed.

• The tree works have been completed. The brash from both sites has been shredded and will be used to make good footpaths along the beck side.

• The Legionella testing will be carried out in March 2020 at a cost of £686.00 nett.

• The Parish Council aims to have the gutters cleaned at all three sites twice a year.

• The Parish Council is looking at making emergency repairs to the driveway at Potterhanworth Road Sports ground.

• The bench at Clarke Avenue has been removed for safety reasons. Replacement of the bench will be discussed at a future Parish Council meeting.

• The Parish Council would like to thank the groundsmen at the Bowls Club for cleaning and weeding the patio at the front of the Pavilion.

• The Telephone box is near completion, Reflections Glass Group hope to fit the glass early in the spring. 

37/F/19 To receive quotations for replacement locks on the containers and main gate at Potterhanworth Road Sports Field.

The Parish Council had been informed by HBW football club, that the locks were in need of replacement. After considering the quotations for the replacement locks, it was resolved to accept the quote for £258.00.

38/F/19 To discuss the refurbishment of the containers on Potterhanworth Road Sports Field and the possible changes to the layout for individual club use.

After a brief discussion, members agreed that changes for individual use should go ahead. Councillors resolved that a further quote should be obtained for the external work. 

39/F/19 To receive an update including quotations on the Chapel Lane gateway.

Planning permission has now been approved by NKDC for the blocking up of the gateway and the erection of a stone wall. Quotes were received and the advantages and disadvantages of each were discussed. It was resolved to use the contactor quoting £3.710 + VAT. Members were informed that the grant application is near completion. 

40/F/19 To discuss the repointing of the stonewall on the boundary of the bowls club & Chapel Lane and receive quotation for the required works.

Councillors looked at the two quotes received and resolved to recommend using the contractor quoting £6,610 +Vat, it is hoped that the works will be carried out at the same time as the blocking up of the gateway to cause minimum disruption to the Bowls Club. This will be put on the agenda of the next full Council meeting for final approval.

41/F/19 To discuss the grass cutting that will no longer be carried out by NKDC.

NKDC will no longer maintain the grass areas owned by LCC. These areas are small verges on Almond Avenue, Clarke Avenue, St Aubins Crescent and Barley Field Close. Members agreed that the grass should be cut when needed by the groundsman and that a large contactor would not be cost efficient.  

42/F/19 To discuss the annual playground report.

The annual playground inspection took place in December 2019. It was noted that none of the repairs to the equipment were of an urgent nature and all the risks are low or very low. Members agreed that the small jobs be carried out by the handy man in the spring. 

43/F/19 To consider repairs to the bus shelter.

Members were informed that the bus shelter is in need of refurbishment, it was resolved to approve the quotation of £100.00 to repair the bus shelter. It was agreed that the repairs should be carried out whilst the bus shelter is not in use due to the Washingborough Road closure. 

44/F/19 Date of Next meeting.

Monday 18th May 2020.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20:06.



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